What is a Computer Configuration?

Computer configuration is termed complete when all the major functional parts which include hardware and software parts of it get assembled. Proper assembling plays a major role in the performance of the computer. The performance and productivity of a computer completely depends on how smart is your choice of accessories.

Before you start using your PC, first you must configure it with all the basic set ups. Basics setups needed for assembling a PC includes the main memory, hard disk drive, card reader, CPU, CD drive, monitor, modem, and definitely a windows operating system.

You can always choose your own specifications for your computer configuration. There are many different types of microprocessors available but a computer savvy person will choose the one which works real fast. Other hardware accessories like monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers should also be configured wisely for better performance.

In case you need to install a new device, game, software or a program you have to configure the system by adding various jumpers for hardware and parametres for software. This feature guides the system to recognise what type of printer or video adapter or any other additional device is connected to the system.

In present times highly advanced technology has made computer configuration smooth and easy as almost everything gets configured automatically. Thanks to Plug-and-play technology for this benefit. At times you may need to configure only the hardware or the software but for a start up model you have to configure both.

A proper computer configuration needs a lot of research. One cannot just buy whatever is available; there are many processors which are extremely slow but still sold by the dealers to clear stock. One should be aware of what he/she is actually taking home might effect the performance of the system. Low cost of microprocessors has lead to autoconfiguration. USB is one fine example of it. Configure well to get excellent performance.

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