Computer configuration for the lazy

If one is buying a computer for the first time, the product features and specifications could be too confusing. This is why it is preferable to first know the basics of computer configuration before planning to go to a computer store to get one. It will be more economical and will cause lesser problems and headaches from additional costs in the future. But why waste time reading all these things about computers if money is not an issue.

There are a lot of computers being sold in the market with great computer configuration. However, these computers could cost way more expensive than the ones which can be configured by oneself. Some people, in fact, decide to assemble computers for themselves. This let them save a lot more than buying a pre-assembled unit sold in stores. They could also choose the best parts that they want their computer to have.

But, again, if budget is not an issue, one can get a high-end computer from the trusted high-end brands. These will certainly have the best computer configuration as specified in the product specifications which will suit a usual person’s needs.
There is also a choice of buying a desktop or a laptop computer. Although desktops tend to have higher specifications than laptops since the latter can be upgraded, there are some laptops with better performance than some desktops. And as laptops can not be upgraded as much as a desktop, these are usually sold with the best computer configuration of that time. Laptops are getting more powerful and for functional in terms of performance every passing year.

The costs usually increase along side the quality and the technology included in the laptop, just like with any piece of device being sold. So getting the latest tech of the moment means greater spending. But once a laptop is bought setting up, and getting other stuff to work is not a problem. Unlike with a desktop with loose parts, a laptop is just a single unit. It was built as a ready-to-go device.
The easiest way to get a well configured computer is by getting a laptop. Most are pre-configured with parts suitable for personal use. Although there are laptops designed for specific purposes, laptops generally perform great in all aspects of personal computing, be it office related work or gaming purposes. It’s the easiest and safest choice in terms of computer configuration.

Learn computer configuration from trusted sources!

The world is now in an era when most of the people need a computer. But it is also true that not every one of these people has an idea of computer configuration. This is an important factor for people who are planning to get a computer for their own use. Knowledge about computer configuration dictates the performance a person would be getting from the computer that is being owned. Basic knowledge means basic computer and basic performance. But where should a layman ask for information regarding proper computer configuration?

The internet has limitless information on computers. Everything a person needs to know seems to have been uploaded or shared somewhere on the net. But of course, with fraud and opportunism being common nowadays, it is imperative to get information from a trusted source.

It is preferable to have a knowledgeable person answer questions regarding which computer to buy. It is very unlikely that not one of a person’s friends or any close relative have no computer of their own these days. They will be able to help indentify good brands, good parts, bad features, and other things ‘to avoid’ with a computer based from their personal experiences with their own computers.

In the event that there is no one to help, some of the basics that a person should know about a computer are its basic parts. A computer has a lot of parts that would confuse even a person who currently owns one. It is also fundamental to know the difference between hardware and software. Hardware comprises of the physical parts of the computer itself. Everything that is tangible is part of the computer’s hardware. A defect or a problem with hardware can be fixed in a way similar to any electronic device, by repairing or replacement. Software is a set of programs or data that the computer runs or makes it run. Essential software that needs to run a computer usually comes with buying it; any additional software can be later installed. Software problems can be fixed in a more complex way as it can be caused by hardware incompatibility or incompatibility with other applications. A simple solution could be a reinstallation of the software or by reformatting which will delete all added software to the computer.

A good computer configuration is a good combination of hardware and software. Start familiarizing with trusted brands by reading reviews.

Computer Configuration – A Basic Knowhow

The market for computers is a sea where one can easily get lost and then he might unfortunately have to pay a lot on something that was probably half of the amount paid. To make your way out of this sea without getting duped requires a good knowhow of computer parts and accessories – collectively termed as computer configuration. When one knows one’s main motive of getting a computer or a laptop, the battle is half won, as then, accordingly it can be decided which parts are really important and which are not.

When we look at all the brands around us, we can clearly see that the rates most A-list brands like Dell, HP, Apple, Alienware charge includes a lot of other charges like handling charges, Read the rest of this entry »

What is a Computer Configuration?

Computer configuration is termed complete when all the major functional parts which include hardware and software parts of it get assembled. Proper assembling plays a major role in the performance of the computer. The performance and productivity of a computer completely depends on how smart is your choice of accessories.

Before you start using your PC, first you must configure it with all the basic set ups. Basics setups needed for assembling a PC includes the main memory, hard disk drive, card reader, CPU, CD drive, monitor, modem, and definitely a windows operating system. Read the rest of this entry »

What will be a best Computer Configuration?

With all that manifold classes of PCs, laptops and notebooks etc. around, you may have haphazardly heard of some jargon known as “Computer Configuration”. If you are one of those dummies to the term, you would probably like to know the characterization and precise definition of it. Let’s have it put this way. Configuration with regards to computers is the organization of serviceable components as per their physiognomies, features, kinds, classifications etc. This also applies to the field of communications in general. System configuration is highly influential with regard to the core roles, performance and services of the system, in our case computers. Read the rest of this entry »